Kegel Exerciser

It has been demonstrated that women using a kegel exerciser as part of their regular kegel exercise routine find it more successful than exercising alone.

Kegel Exerciser
Kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises) are more effective if they are conducted with something to push against in the vagina. Many women choose to try doing kegel exercises on their own, unaided, however, studies have shown that over 40% of women are unable to produce effective contractions, and do not achieve good results in improving the muscle tone.

These figures demonstrate that many women can achieve much better results by using a kegel exerciser as part of their exercise routine.

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The main reasons why kegel exercises for women have a better success rate using a kegel exerciser than by trying to exercise unaided are:

  • The exercises are more effective when carried out with something in the vagina to push against. This means that the exercises are targeting the correct muscle groups.              

  • The exerciser is a physical reminder to do the exercise, especially if it left somewhere women would normally go to are part of their daily routine (eg. with their makeup remover or panty liners) which reminds them to exercise. This means that “forgetting” to exercise is no longer an issue.              

  • The presence of a kegel exerciser in the vagina  means that the exercises are more likely to be done long enough tp complete the desired number of contractions, until the exerciser is removed, rather than just giving up part of the way through the exercise.           

  • As the exerciser helps to sort the three main reasons why women fail  in their attempts to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, an improvement in their condition over time brings a positive feedback, which in turn means they are encouraged to maintain a regular kegel exercise routine and less likely to quit!

There are different types of kegel exercisers available, designed specifically for women to use at home. These are the best choice for women who choose to deal privately with the early symptoms of weak pelvic floor. Personal kegel exercisers come in two basic types, manual & electronic

1. A MANUAL kegel exerciser

There are a few different kinds of manual kegel exerciser. The simplest ones, such as  vaginal weights or cones, work by inserting the weight into the vagina. The muscles of the vagina contract to hold the weight in place. Alternatively, manual kegel exercisers can work by resistance training. In these cases, a device is inserted into the vagina, which is squeezed when the muscles contract.

2. An ELECTRONIC kegel exerciser

Studies were carried out with women who were suffering from some of the symptoms of weakened pelvic fllor muscles, such a stress incontinence. A range of kegel exercisers such as vaginal weights, electronic pelvic muscle toners and resistance devices were tested and results showed that women who use kegel exercisers show a greater improvement in pelvic floor muscle tone than the women in control groups.

However, many women find that for many reasons they are unable to maintain a regular kegel exercise program. Sometimes it is because the vaginal exercises are not targeting the correct muscles, or the exercises are not done often enough or for long enough. When improvements in muscle tone are not seen quickly enough, women can become discouraged and do not continue to exercise.

By using a kegel exerciser, it is easier to:

  • target the correct muscles
  • maintain a regular routine
  • see results faster

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